About Danny


I am a middle class, Christian, husband of 20 years, father of 8 (two of whom are with the Lord), who was born and reared in the Nashville area. I come from a long line of working class individuals. My father owns a small business, my grandfather worked for and retired from Ford Motor Company, and my great grandparents were farmers. My mother worked outside the home from time to time, as did my grandmothers. I was brought up in Christian churches where my grandfather served as a deacon and my parents were Sunday School teachers. I attended public schools K-12 and then joined an apprenticeship program where I learned a trade and became a Journeyman Electrician. Currently, I serve as a Project Manager for a electrical contracting firm in Nashville. I have 20 years experience in the business. I was born in 1975, married in 1993 to my wife, Wendy, after only dating for a few months. I turned my life over to Jesus Christ in 1997, since then I have served as an evangelist, youth pastor, and senior pastor at various small churches. I am comfortable speaking to crowds when it is something that I am passionate about.

Wendy is a stay at home wife to our 6 children which she home-schools. We choose to practice the unschooling method. Wendy has an Associates in Christian Education and is a Certified Temperament Counselor. She is currently furthering her education by studying Creation Therapy, Christian Counseling, and temperament profiling. It truly is her passion. She has worked outside the home at times but stays productive in her current role as educator and mentor. She serves along side me at our church home, Cornerstone Church in Madison, as a Life Group facilitator.

Our oldest daughter recently graduated and is seeking to further her education in the field of Christian Counseling. We aren’t pressuring her to jump into college, student loans, etc. as we believe that college is not for everyone. The other 5 children range from 7-15 years of age. In total we have 3 girls and 3 boys. There is never a dull moment around the Page home.

Growing up in a Blue-Dog Democrat environment and attending public schools where socialism was quietly nudged onto my generation, I always saw myself as a Democrat. However, once I became 21 years of age I discovered quite differently. I took a survey in the local newspaper and upon answering it I discovered that I was a Conservative. I was shocked! I began listening intently to talk radio, reading books and articles, speaking to my neighbors and friends, and before I knew it I was a full blown right wing conspirator. I’ve always had a passion for the News and would lay in the floor and watch the world news with my parents every evening. Even today I am a news junkie, to my wife’s dismay, but I am informed. Today, I find myself on the precipice of the possibility of a greater calling. My intent as a young man was to join the United States Marine Corp. and serve my country but life lead me differently. As a grown man, husband, father, and Christian I once again am driven to serve my country which seems to be leading me into public service but not politics. Time shall tell!